Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh, Hello. I didnt see you there.

Nah just kidding. So, lacking the ability to write as humorously as my hilarious fellow blogger Sarah, ill just say this like normal. Me name is Kristen (oh ok, that was in a poor scottish accent) and i have recently moved out of the loving arms of my mother from the 'burbs to the big city. I live in a share house with too many roomies to count north of melbourne. Ive recently discovered that, whilst i have the ability to cook, the fact remains that cooking in a house with heaps of people and very little in the way of cutlery (or cleanliness) is a bit too much for a teenager working part time and studying full time. So i have endevoured to find all the cheapest, tastiest eats in Melbourne. And i would like you to come along on that very special journey. :)

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