Monday, September 21, 2009


I just realised that all my post til now have been asian restaraunts... so i need somebody to give me a change! If anybody knows some deliciously cheap restaraunt in the city that is not asian cusine you have to help me out and tell me ESIP! ok... thats all lol

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Maple Leaf

Its my Nana's 80th birthday tomorrow and she is having her party at Maple Leaf Restaurant. My entire family have been going to this restaurant since it opened, and apparently my mum and i went there on the opening night when she was not long out of hospital from having me. We never look at the menu 'cause we know it off by heart and all the service staff know us by name. If fact, when my dad goes there he takes an extra beer for the chef.

So anyways in anticipation of this event i thought i would just let y'all know how good it is, even though its not strictly in Melbourne. Its in noble park but you can take the pakenham/cranbourne/dandenong line and get off at noble park. Just walk toward maccas and its just across the road.

The main reason that my nanna (who lives in QLD) is having her party here instead of in the sunshine state is the PEAKING DUCK. It is legendary in my family. For those not aware of what PEAKING DUCK is its a roasted duck that its carved and put on a thin pancake with delicious hoi sin sauce. The sauce is so delicious that my brother often requests that they leave it on the table so he can put it on everything that comes after.

Another popular dish with the family is hot and sour soup. I never really eat as I'm not a huge fan of hot stuff, but when the waiters go around our table probably 70% get it.

The dim sims are delicious and home made. Chinese sausage is another favorite. But NOTHING compares, in my mind at least, to san choi bow. It is delicious mix of vegetables and meat in a crispy lettuce cup.

I could run through all the things on the menu that are delicious but its pretty much anything. Favorites of mine include the sambol chicken, its fantastic the next day, and shredded beef. My sister likes the garlic prawns and my dads favorite is the Singapore noodles (which i am also very partial).

I don't actually know how much it is as I've never had to pay :)


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rice Bar

So those who know me probably already know this place but i love their roast pork so i thought id put it out there :)

They have a pretty long menu and i have tried a few of their dishes and they are all pretty good. Roast pork is my favorite and at $9.50 i usually have it on fridays- just after ive been paid. Its in a very convienient location if you are a Melbourne Uni student (but not if you have your lappie and 100 library books on you as it is about a five minute shlep from the library there) and is on the corner of Canada and Swanston or tram stop 3- Lincoln Sq. Majority of their menu is under ten bucks and is pretty sizable. They give you free tea and thats a good thing because all of their drinks are like $2.50 (for a can!) and up.

Its a semi nice place to eat though their chairs are not comfortable at all! The service is pretty good with friendly staff and lots of em. One thing though: they claim to have free internet there but its cable and it didnt work for me :( even though i went there specifically because my own internet was not working...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Thy Thy

One of the greatest things about Melbourne is the influence that other cuisines have over the city. You hardly ever read a review in the Age saying "what fantastic fish and chips". But you will hear oodles about "What fantastic Vietnamese". You know why? Coz its true.

There is an awesome street in Fitzroy called Victoria Parade. If you are on Victoria street, do not panic. Just keep heading down and you'll get there. (One of the not so great things about Melbourne? You will find a Bourke street, a Little Bourke street, a Brunswick street, a Brunswick road and a suburb called Brunswick, a Lonsdale, a Little Lonsdale, a Collins, a Little Collins, but you sure wont see a Kori road, a Kootamundra street or a Oodgeroo Noonuccal parade).

So on this magical parade named Victoria, there are soooo many Vietnamese places that i wish i had been to all of them. The only reason i am reviewing Thy Thy instead of any of the others is because its my dads favorite restaraunt. I took him there for fathers day and i think he had a good time.

Thy Thy stands out from the crowd a bit because unlike all the other fantastically cheap restaurant who are heavy on food quality, no so heavy on painted walls, Thy Thy is a nice place to eat. They've obviously put some money into doing it up and it looks nice. The service is good and the front is made up of glass so its very light in there. Now to the food: its excellent. Now to the cost: you can see where they get the money for the decor.

Its about $4 for the san choi bow which is probably the best ive ever tasted. They have a lunch spacial for $8 and you get some good food with rice, though not really anything to write home about. A little tip: order from the chefs specials, they are all delicious! However they dont state the price in that section so it can get a little exy: im talking $15 meal so nothing that should require a special trip to the bank or anything. My favorite: the crispy skinned quail. Its pretty delicious though last time i had it it went all over my pretty skirt and my not so pretty face.

The place is licensed so that made it good for fathers day. However we did BYO once and they didnt seem to have a problem with that.

In conclusion: V Tasty. V good for special occasion. But for every day explore the surrounding restaurants as your bound to have a good meal wherever you go.

Little tip: the good restaurants have reviews stuck up in the windows... the best have a few :)

Shanghai Dumpling House

Step right up folks for the second post!

There once was a place called Shanghai Dumpling House down Tatterstall Lane off Lonsdale street. Along came a university student equipped with an off beat sense of humour and a thirst, A THIRST, for deliciously cheap food. And she found it. The End.

Yep, Dumpling house is apparently another one of those Institutions my friend Kate is always telling me about. Well known by native Melbournians as the place where the service is shit, the food cheap and you can bring a goon bag, get hammered, and nobody would care.

As a side note to those who are first visiting Melbourne: It is pronounced Mel-bin, not mel-BOURNE. I had a customer the other day who told me he had just been to visit jee-lorng. I said: Geelong? He said, No, jee-long.

Nobody likes it when you cant pronounce the place your visiting.

ANYWAYS... the thing to get is the Steamed vegetable and mushroom dumplings. You can get ten for $4.50 or twenty for $6.50 (or if you want them frozen for later, $5.50). To tell you the truth i had these the first time i went there and have not bothered to try anything else. But i went with James and he got the soup and said it was delicious, and we tried the spring rolls, which are pretty piddily little things but at $2.50 nobody really cares. They're pretty darn tasty.