Monday, September 7, 2009

Shanghai Dumpling House

Step right up folks for the second post!

There once was a place called Shanghai Dumpling House down Tatterstall Lane off Lonsdale street. Along came a university student equipped with an off beat sense of humour and a thirst, A THIRST, for deliciously cheap food. And she found it. The End.

Yep, Dumpling house is apparently another one of those Institutions my friend Kate is always telling me about. Well known by native Melbournians as the place where the service is shit, the food cheap and you can bring a goon bag, get hammered, and nobody would care.

As a side note to those who are first visiting Melbourne: It is pronounced Mel-bin, not mel-BOURNE. I had a customer the other day who told me he had just been to visit jee-lorng. I said: Geelong? He said, No, jee-long.

Nobody likes it when you cant pronounce the place your visiting.

ANYWAYS... the thing to get is the Steamed vegetable and mushroom dumplings. You can get ten for $4.50 or twenty for $6.50 (or if you want them frozen for later, $5.50). To tell you the truth i had these the first time i went there and have not bothered to try anything else. But i went with James and he got the soup and said it was delicious, and we tried the spring rolls, which are pretty piddily little things but at $2.50 nobody really cares. They're pretty darn tasty.

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  1. James? Who IS James? I know of no JAMES.

    Your blog is funny and informative. I like it.