Thursday, September 17, 2009

Maple Leaf

Its my Nana's 80th birthday tomorrow and she is having her party at Maple Leaf Restaurant. My entire family have been going to this restaurant since it opened, and apparently my mum and i went there on the opening night when she was not long out of hospital from having me. We never look at the menu 'cause we know it off by heart and all the service staff know us by name. If fact, when my dad goes there he takes an extra beer for the chef.

So anyways in anticipation of this event i thought i would just let y'all know how good it is, even though its not strictly in Melbourne. Its in noble park but you can take the pakenham/cranbourne/dandenong line and get off at noble park. Just walk toward maccas and its just across the road.

The main reason that my nanna (who lives in QLD) is having her party here instead of in the sunshine state is the PEAKING DUCK. It is legendary in my family. For those not aware of what PEAKING DUCK is its a roasted duck that its carved and put on a thin pancake with delicious hoi sin sauce. The sauce is so delicious that my brother often requests that they leave it on the table so he can put it on everything that comes after.

Another popular dish with the family is hot and sour soup. I never really eat as I'm not a huge fan of hot stuff, but when the waiters go around our table probably 70% get it.

The dim sims are delicious and home made. Chinese sausage is another favorite. But NOTHING compares, in my mind at least, to san choi bow. It is delicious mix of vegetables and meat in a crispy lettuce cup.

I could run through all the things on the menu that are delicious but its pretty much anything. Favorites of mine include the sambol chicken, its fantastic the next day, and shredded beef. My sister likes the garlic prawns and my dads favorite is the Singapore noodles (which i am also very partial).

I don't actually know how much it is as I've never had to pay :)


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  1. I'm pretty sure you mean Peking duck, Peking being the old name for Beijing.
    Or is the duck at the peak of its life when slaughtered and eaten??

    We should go here some time with Kate.