Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rice Bar

So those who know me probably already know this place but i love their roast pork so i thought id put it out there :)

They have a pretty long menu and i have tried a few of their dishes and they are all pretty good. Roast pork is my favorite and at $9.50 i usually have it on fridays- just after ive been paid. Its in a very convienient location if you are a Melbourne Uni student (but not if you have your lappie and 100 library books on you as it is about a five minute shlep from the library there) and is on the corner of Canada and Swanston or tram stop 3- Lincoln Sq. Majority of their menu is under ten bucks and is pretty sizable. They give you free tea and thats a good thing because all of their drinks are like $2.50 (for a can!) and up.

Its a semi nice place to eat though their chairs are not comfortable at all! The service is pretty good with friendly staff and lots of em. One thing though: they claim to have free internet there but its cable and it didnt work for me :( even though i went there specifically because my own internet was not working...

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