Monday, November 9, 2009

Co Do

Dear Followes (all two of you)

My hearty apologies for my failure to keep up a consistant work ethic. I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere. As is my spelling.

And no, dear readers. I have no new and cheap restaraunts to entice you with.

So much sadface.

I blame it on 2 things: uni being over (i now have time to cook meals) and Arrested Developement.

Its just so good, you know? It makes me want to rush home and watch it.

Actually, also i have no internet at home so that could contribute.

"BUT ENOUGH WITH THE EXCUSES!" I hear you say (in the style of Tobias, naturally). "We want more reviews!"

And who am i to deny the hearts desire?

So i will just el-casueel look through my iphone to see if i have anything.... There!

Ok so i went to a place called Co Do and its in Little Vietnam. The vietnamese rolls were good. The duck was too sweet...

See! This is what happens! When you force me to do everything! I crack under the pressure! I wont! I wont do it anymore!

In the style of Gob, naturally.

This may just be the lamest thing ever.

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