Monday, October 26, 2009

Miss Libs

Corner of Swanston St and Franklin St, next to Aldi

Miss Libs is an awesome bar and as such, i thought i would share with you another little gem of Melbourne. It is a Bar, but this blog is not called "Moderately priced drinks Melbourne", is it? No. The answer is No.

So why am i writing about it? Simply because Miss Libertines has an awesome selection of stuff to eat whilst you downing several G&Ts. It has a small laminated menu, at the bar and on some of the tables, that has a list of $5 pizzas (thats right, FIVE DOLLARS) that a quite delectable. It also has stuff like chips with aioli (or however its spelt) and wedges and nachos and all that other horrible sounding pub food. But, actually, its quite tasty.

ATTENTION: SEE SMILEY FACE /\ thats by my creative friend Sarah.

side note: is "creative" another word for "dear lord must you harrass me"? Anyone? No?

I used to get the Audrey Deluxe pizza on Friday night happy hours. Its a delicious pizza with bacon and cheese and wonderfully fresh tasting spring onion. Sounds crazy but it works! It really does.

It was Sarahs birthday this weekend so on the Friday we took her out for after work drinks. We professed a desire to eat, but the peeps with us were going out for dinner after so they did not want to. This is where Miss Libs shines. Because the pizzas are small and un-offending you can sit there, stuffing your face, whilst other people delicately sip at there drinks. And u dont feel bad. Brilliant.

I forget which one the picture is of. Sorry. But i have word its tasty.

It was also the first time id had the chips there and they were so good that i went back on Monday and got some more. They are thick cut and tasty.

So yer, i recommend Miss Libs. Its a cool bar, and a nice place to eat.


  1. How dare you not call attention to the face I made in the chips!!!

  2. Also, you should point out that the pizza pictured is actually the Dizzy Swank or people are going to think you're a fool who can't tell the difference between spring onion and rocket.