Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gnache and Pacific Seafood BBQ House

Guys, its been a while. Its actually been longer than you think coz a guy at work DELETED my almost finished post. SO ANGRY (and falling in love with the expressiveness of CAPITAL LETTERS)

But ive recently decided that what i need is photos! so hence the delay. And no, this coming post will not have photos either, though i took them, as i am having a minor restle with my iphone camera ATM so they will be uploaded later.

First, i went to a restaraunt in South Yarra called Pacific Seafood BBQ House. I was walking past this place on the way to find a Subway ( i know, SHAME!) and the outside was compeletly covered in newspaper clippings saying how good it was. It also had a sign saying "Cheap Eats" so i thought it was a goer.


Yeah, no. The food was definitely not cheap and the eats were semi ok.

Just to clarify i consider it cheap if the meal is under ten bucks. i consider it reasonable if the meal is under 15 bucks. anything after that ... is paid for by my dad :)

Anyways i had the soft shell crab with chilli and garlic. It was fried, which they didnt mention on the menu (i say menu but i mean peice of coloured paper stuck to the wall) and it was pretty over powering with lots of garlic and fried shallots. The sweetness of the crab didnt really come out at all.

They do give you a complementary grey troll-booger coloured broth with really shoft nuts and weird white vegetables. I wouldnt call it nice... not bad, not good. Semi-ok.
But then (drum roll please) i had THE BEST CAKE IN THE WORLD!

Its true. But i didnt have it at the BBQ Seafood place, thats for sure. Its a place in South Yarra called Gnache. Its in the main drag near the train station.

This thing was called "Hazelnut Fan Slice" and lemme tell you, I'm a BIG fan. The base was a perfect blend of sponge and hazelnuts, sweet but with a soft crunch, almost a crackle. The top was iced with the most perfect ganache (which explains the name) and the centre- the centre. The centre was a soft creamy delicate perfect mousse that wasnt even too sweet. It was, altogether, perfection.

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