Saturday, October 17, 2009

Im at uni, its exams, Is it ok if i take a while to post?

Ill admit it: I went back to Ganache. Who can blame me? They are the epitome of good chocolate.

I bought a big version of the Hazelnut fan slice to have as my birthday cake. Long story short: my three friends and i ended up eating it on the side of the road whilst we waited for a tow truck. It was good enough to bring my friend Teo, whos car had broken down and was going to cost a thousand dollars to fix, out of his car-kickingly bad mood :) Did i mention that it could have fed eight but we four did just fine?

And it was just as good as i remembered. We are all now Ganache converts and any time i mention it to them they make a "uerhhhhhhh" sound that i interpret to mean "oh, dear lord, if i had that cake right now...."

but ive been back another time. James and i got the tasting plate to share and oh, dear lord, WHAT AWESOME VALUE! Value FTW! 15 bucks and you could buy up the entire store almost! We got like 6 of their oh-so-awesome chokkies and our choice of ice cream (James chose strawberry chocolate which i thought was going to be disgustingly rich with all the other stuff on the plate but wasnt, it was just absolutely awesome like everything else in this shop) and 70% chocolate spoons, which i didnt eat at the time as i was really full but took one home and had it the next day. DELICIOUS.

We also got to pick a cake and i know, i know. I should have chosen Hazelnut fan slice. Why did i mess with a favorite? WHY?

It was for you, dear reader. Im not going to lie. Its ALL YOUR FAULT.

Aesthetically it was pleasing, and the raspberry stuff on top was really, really, really good. But there was too much moose and the bottom was too fluffy. I know, i know. Even one moose is too much.
I am a bad speller and i give my hearty apologies. The cake, of course, had too much mousse.

I mean, if you like air this might have been good for you but me? I like chocolate. So i still prefer the Hazelnut.

But fear not. I shall tread on in the name of art and continue to go to Ganache and try new cakes.


  1. This blog is very well written my dear. I love the story about you and your three crazy friend (especially the bit about Teo).
    However, it's spelt mousse, not moose. I think any amount of moose in a cake would be too much moose. Maybe in Alaska...