Sunday, October 25, 2009

Name and Shame

Seriously, guys. I do not want to do this. But its pretty well my civic duty to... NAME AND SHAME SHITTY RESTARAUNTS.

Yep. Its a ugly business this food reviewing stuff.

So i had a late start on Sunday (its a very long story) and decided to have a little time to myself, get a late lunch, see a movie, do a bit of walking around the greatest city in the world... that sort of stuff. So i thought i would pop in to Shanghai Dumpling House and get me some DUMPLINGS yum...

But i thought it was closed so i went next door, to Shanghai Noodle House. Just thinking about it makes me feel a little ill. i ordered the dim sims...

sorry to have left it there i just had to go vomit. no but for reals, the dim sims were brown and disugsting. Im not actually sure they were technically dim sims, and i did have to call the waiter/idiot over to explain himself. Yes, they are what you ordered. Yes, they are what we call dim sims. Yes, that white stuff is rice, no, it is not maggots. No, you do have to pay for you meal...

you get the point.

However, i have an open mind. i know this because sometimes stuff falls out. ba bomsh.

So if you have indeed had an edible meal at this restaraunt, please advise. Leave you name and address so i can send an ambulence.


  1. Did part of this get cut out? It seems truncated. I want to hear more about the awful Shanghai Cafe.

  2. lol, that's weird cos I've been there before years ago and it wasn't that bad. no wonder next door does better.