Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jims Greek Tavern

Or as it is known, "Jimmy the Greeks", crn Smith and Johnson St or there abouts. (Fitzroy, for those not in the know)

My dads been going here for years. Before they did it up all nice and when it was exposed to the various elements. When they used to have parties out the back and throw plates to the floor.

Yep, Jimmy the Greeks. Probably the best greek food in melbourne. The waiters here are all men and they wizz about you and weave in and out of the tiny tables crushed together. If you bring some beers and chuck them in the fridge, before youve even finished your first they will be chucking a second over your head. The only thing is the get a bit pissy when you dont know what you want straight away (and i mean STRAIGHT away- my love affair with CAP LET has no finished peoples).

There are no menus. When you enter you get to walk past all the raw ingredients and i dunno if they do this for everyone but when my uncle Will used to go there, he would make up stuff he wanted to eat and they would bring it out to us.

Im really stupid when i go to Jimmy the Greeks. I walk in there, i smell all the delicious smells, i see all the glorious food about me, and i get REALLY hungry. And the first thing we always have there is the dip and bread. And i gorge myself on that and then eat like a bird when all the real food comes out.

That isnt to diss the dip and bread tho. Oh, lord NO! It is the best! It comes with fried eggplant and delicious garlic soaked beans (and i never eat beans!) and three dips- caviar, tzaiki (or however you spell it) and a garlicy eggplant one. It also comes with pickled octopus, which is totally yum, and the bread is thick and tasty.

My dad always gets lamb chops which beat any lamb chop ive ever had, including my mums, some blue eye fish, saginaki cheese (heart attack on your plate) and greek salad. Its mind blowingly delicious :)

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